Lego & Girls: Twitter-Blog Chat Jan 12, 2012

Live Dec 12 – 8 pm central time

Join here and on twitter: #girlsnow



Change Girls’ Sexualization: Where to Start? Twitter-Blog Chat Dec 5

Live Dec 5 – 8.30 pm central time

Join here and on twitter: #girlsnow

Spark Summit on ABC-TV’s 20/20 – Sexualization of Girls

Live Chat Nov 25 – 9pm central time.

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Girls Now: All I Want for the Holidays is Body Gratitude

Live Event November 10 – 8 to 9pm, Central Time

Ask questions and chat about this month’s topic with five experts on girls and parenting:

  • Audrey Brashich
  • Nancy Gruver
  • Amy Harman
  • Dr. Robyn Silverman
  • Melissa Atkins Wardy

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  • Tina

    A couple of weeks before I started kindergarten, my mom came into my bedroom and told me that I needed to go on a diet because “no one likes fat kids and you won’t make any friends.”  Thanks mom.  I was 5.

    Today I turned 36 and I have lots of friends, so THERE! ;-)

    • Nancy Gruver

      Tina – I know just what you mean! I didn’t get that message until I was 13 and gaining puberty weight – but I got it a lot from then on. Let’s do it differently with our daughters!

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