Make new friends on Mix it Up Day!

How did you choose your seat in the lunch room on the first day of school? Did your group of friends save you a seat at there table? Did you have a few different options to choose from? Or did you walk in and feel like there was no where for you to sit?

Many kids have already found their group of good friends, but some might still be feeling left out. Schools work very hard to make sure their students are in a safe, inclusive environment where they feel welcome and respected and where they feel they have friends and a place to sit at lunch.

National Mix it Up Day, a day dedicated to breaking social circles and encouraging kids to make new friends, is coming up Tuesday October 18! This is a day where students mix it up in the cafeteria and sit at a different table with a different group of people. Schools might also do other activities throughout the day to get kids working together.

The goal of Mix it Up Day is help kids branch out and get to know people they might not have chosen to otherwise. It is a chance for students to break through social boundaries, overcome prejudices and learn tolerance – recognizing and respecting others for their differences. It is a chance for you to learn something new about someone and make a bunch of new friends.

If you ever feel different or find it hard to make new friends, you are not alone. A lot of New Moon Girls have asked for advice with these tough issues. Some girls have felt that they are treated differently because of their religion. Others are shy or just have a hard time making friends.  Others have found themselves left out by girls they were friends with before. What kind of advice would you give to these girls? Do you find yourself in a similar situation?

This is the 10th year for national Mix it Up Day, and many schools have found it to be a powerful tool for change. Last year over 4 million students participated, and as of now there are almost 1,900 schools signed up!

If you want to promote friendship and respect in your school, talk to your teachers about participating in Mix it Up Day. With the help of a parent, you can even find free posters, or pictures to put on your own, to advertise to your school and community the importance of tolerance!

Would you participate in Mix it Up Day if your school did it? What else could you do to promote respect and new friendships in your school?


New Moon Intern

Being Friends With Boys: How Do You Handle It?

Do you feel pressured to have a boyfriend, or do you think you can’t just be friends with a boy? Many girls find that having boyfriends and boys that are just friends can be tricky.

There is a difference between having a boyfriend and having a friend that is a boy, and there is nothing wrong with either type of friendship. However, a lot of girls feel pressured to make their guy friends into boyfriends. There is never a time when you absolutely need a boyfriend, so enjoy your friendships with the boys!

Here are some tips on being friends with boys without feeling like you have to make them your boyfriend!

  1. Just be yourself. Act like you would with any of your friends, because your friends love you for who you are – it doesn’t matter if they are a boy or a girl.
  2. Hang out in groups. Hanging out in groups takes the pressure off of having to think of things to talk about or activities to do. Plus, you’ll be more comfortable and confident!
  3. Don’t treat them differently than your girlfriends. Just because your friend is a boy doesn’t mean he needs to be treated specially. Friends are friends!

New Moon girls have a lot of questions when it comes to having boyfriends and boys that are friends. Mina from Oregon says all of her friends have boyfriends and she is unsure if she wants one – she would love some advice!

Wondering from British Columbia asked when girls should begin dating on Ask A Girl. Do you have any helpful advice for her?

Jane from New York has a good friend that happens to be a boy, and people always think they are dating. What should she tell to people who think they are dating just because they are a boy and a girl that are friends? Plus, see what other girls have told her!

Gabrielle from Connecticut has an awesome poll asking girls what kind of relationships they have with boys.  According to her poll, most New Moon Girls don’t have a boyfriend and prefer to just be friends with boys!

It is totally acceptable to have friends that are boys, but you don’t need to feel like you have to have a boyfriend. Enjoy all of your friendships equally!

Do you feel pressured to have a boyfriend, or are you comfortable having boys that are just friends? How do you handle the pressure, or does it matter to you? Let us know in your comments below!

New Moon Intern

Start your day off right with breakfast!

Do you eat breakfast every morning?

Lana, 11, from Minnesota dressed up her morning pancakes with some delicious fruit!

Did you know that nearly 40% of kids don’t? Now that summer is over and school is back in session, it is important to eat breakfast every day to give your body the fuel it needs. Even though mornings can be hectic trying to pick out an outfit or run to the bus, take some time to eat a nutritional breakfast. You will feel the difference!

Everybody says breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and let me tell you why:

1.       It gives your body key nutrients it needs to keep you moving through the day.
2.       It helps you keep your energy up so you don’t get tired.
3.       It helps you concentrate better in school and get better grades.
4.       It helps you make healthier choices throughout the day.

When mornings get busy or because they just don’t feel hungry yet, many girls skip breakfast. Don’t do it! Skipping this meal will leave you feeling hungry, tired and unable to focus.  According to, these five simple changes in your routine can make sure you have time for breakfast.

1.       Get up ten minutes earlier. It sounds simple, and it is!
2.       Don’t eat right before bed. This way, you’ll be hungry for breakfast in the morning.
3.       Plan ahead with your parents so you have fast and easy options for breakfast on-the-go.
4.       Prepare your breakfast the night before. You can cut up fruit or pour cereal in a bowl.
5.       Get the rest of your family involved and follow these fun family breakfast ideas.

New Moon Girls know the importance of getting good nutrition. When Freeda in Ohio asked others for tips on how to fit breakfast in her morning routine, she received lots of helpful advice.

For example, Maddie in Ohio said, “Sometimes I eat breakfast on the go, so if you walk or drive to school, maybe you could take a little breakfast/snack with you!”

Did you know New Moon has an entire page dedicated to breakfast recipes? Here, you can search for or submit recipes for your favorite breakfast dishes!

New Moon Girls Veda and Phoebe from New York host “The Phoebe and Veda Cook Show.” Check out episode 1 to learn how to make cinnamon rolls. In episode 2, they demonstrate how to make scrambled eggs! If you have a favorite recipe you’d like to demonstrate, upload your own cooking video!

Celia, 11, from North Carolina loves homemade hashbrowns with a poached egg!

To find or share recipes for any meal ranging from drinks to vegetarian dishes, join the New Moon Cooking Club. Or, visit Ask A Cooking Girl with any cooking questions!

Do you love to cook? What is your favorite breakfast dish? How do you make time for a nutritional breakfast before school? Share your tips with us in your comments below!

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OSOM: Teen Conference 2011 (7-6-11)

It’s that time of year again!  Jack and Jill Far West Region Teen Conference 2011 was just as exciting and fulfilling as last summer.  This year, the Oakland/Bay Area chapter hosted the event at the University of California Berkeley.  Visiting such an historic and academically acclaimed college was very inspiring and provided a candid look into campus life.

Jack and Jill of America, Inc. is the oldest African-American family organization. It started in 1938 in Philadelphia.  Today, we have over 225 chapters in 35 states and the District of Columbia.   Each year, there are three Teen Conferences (Eastern, Mid West, and Far West Regions) where chapters come together for fellowship.

This year’s theme was “A World Without Black People”.  Each chapter explained how they interpreted the theme by creating a t-shirt, a scrapbook, community service board, and a skit; each chapter always tries its best to win each category and claim bragging rights for the next school year.  Our long weekend also included a Lake Merritt volunteer day, meetings, recreational outings, dances, and a Senior Banquet.

Jada’s Side of the Moon (J.S.O.M.)

In modern America, sometimes the media does not recognize the value of each race to its survival.  Inventions, concepts, and works all fall under the umbrella of “American”, which sometimes decreases the feeling of cultural identity in children today.  While our Teen Conference focused on the contributions African Americans made toward society today, I realized the world would drastically change if any nationality were erased from history.  

All of our meetings, discussions, and voting sessions really stress the importance of leadership in the community.  I learned my voice has the potential to truly impact the world, giving me a sense of empowerment no one can alter. 

New Moon Girls Media is a reflection of the Teen Conference.   New Moon is full of different types of girls, and all of the New Moon Girls have opinions that are heard on this site.  Many go beyond the web and apply New Moon values to their lives.  You girls are role models in your communities and actively seek to encourage girls around you.  .

What special qualities and contributions do your backgrounds lend to the world today?  Share your heritages on the message board!

What is the importance of children to the world’s future?  How do you all involved in your communities?

What’s your side of the moon?

By: Jada Webster

Sister to Sister: About Body Image

Girl putting lipstick on in mirrorBody image of younger teens and preteens is an extremely difficult topic. At New Moon, we have the fabulous influence of a body-positive, feminist-fueled community proudly proclaiming that everyone is beautiful. Yet, when you’re not on New Moon, keeping your own positive body image can be very tricky.

When you become a tween or teen, some of your thoughts and desires can seem completely new and different to you. The same can apply to your body. As you lose and gain weight, and acquire hips and breasts, it can be genuinely frightening- especially if you’re doing these things at a different speed than your friends. Just like most people compare grades and favorite TV shows with their friends, some girls also begin to compare bodies, which is never a good idea. You may start, completely accidentally, replacing the phrase, “Everyone is beautiful,” with, “Those girls all look so pretty- except me. I wish I wasn’t so flat-chested.” Maybe you even realize that these thoughts are silly. You know that every body is unique and beautiful in its own way, and that is true for everyone!

If these thoughts begin to become routine and make you feel bad about yourself, you might be unsure of what to do. Maybe your friends also complain about their bodies, or maybe they don’t and you feel that you’re the only one with these thoughts. No matter what, it’s can be very awkward. For some girls on NMG, they see positive messages about body image all the time, but then feel even more ashamed about not being as postive about their bodies.

Instead of feeling ashamed that you don’t feel as confident in your body image as other girls seem to, you can find ways that you are happy with yourself for who you are instead of how you look. Are you a great friend? Artist? Writer? What would you tell a friend if they felt this way?

Many girls struggle with body image, and it is NOTHING to be ashamed of.

New Moon is here to help girls have healthy relationships with their bodies. They work with the Emily Program to get girl-friendly resources about being friends with your body. And there is even a professional who answers YOUR questions if you’re confused about how you feel about your body!

If you have negative thoughts about your body image and feel that you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it. Tell your mom, your older sister, your teacher, or your friend. Having negative thoughts about your body has a bad reputation for spiraling out of control, and if you feel like you need help, please talk to someone.

The low self esteem that comes with feeling badly about how you look can keep you from doing completely awesome things with your life, and the first step to eliminating negative body thoughts is expressing your feelings. You can talk about your thoughts with body image on the Sister to Sister message board.