How Can You Help Put an End to Bullying?

Did you know that nearly half of all girls will deal with bullying before finishing middle school? Chances are either you or someone you know has been bullied in school or elsewhere.

There are many types of bullying:

  • Emotional bullying hurts your and others’ feelings.
  • Physical bullying hurts yours and others’ body.
  • Cyber-bullying is bullying over the Internet.

Bullying can be anything from calling someone a mean name, to teasing them because of their appearance, to hitting or pushing someone.

Have you ever been or known someone who has been a victim of cyber-bullying? A lot is being done to put an end to cyber-bullying, and you can help. Have you ever felt unsafe at New Moon? New Moon Girls works very hard to prevent bullying from happening on our website, so if you ever experience bullying, tell us about it. Read our Respect Differences Policy to see what is not allowed on our site.

If you or someone you know has ever been a victim of any type of bullying, know that it is not okay for someone to be treated that way. It is a very important issue, and can be dangerous. The best way to deal with a bullying situation is to tell a trusted adult.

Fortunately, many strong and confident New Moon Girls have inspiring stories to share about how they stood up to bullying. Kathyrine, 12, California was bullied in first grade. Lisa from Minnesota was teased for her appearance in middle school. Jane, 12, New York shares tips on how to handle bullying. For even more tips on  how to handle bullying you can check out past Luna blogs.

To get great advice from your New Moon Girls sisters, join the discussion on bullying on the Sister to Sister message boards: “Help! I’m being tormented at school” and “OSOM: School Bullying.”

Test your knowledge on how to handle bullies with Chloe, 10, British Columbia’s quiz “Are you an anti-bully?” And share your experiences with us in our survey “Have You Ever Been Bullied?

Remember, bulling is never okay and can sometimes cause kids to have harmful thoughts. If you or someone  you know has ever had thoughts of self-harm due to bullying or any reason, please visit our suicide prevention page for ways to help.

How have you handled being bullied, or seeing a friend go through it? Do you have any helpful tips when it comes to standing up to a bully? Share your experiences and thoughts with us in the comments below.


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    We are a new blog, We love this blog and will certainly share your excellent content with our readers!

  • McKenna

    Yeah, I hate being bullied. I’m way taller than all the other kids in my grade so i’m pretty much known as “that big tall chick.” it sucks, but I can’t do much about it.