Get Outside, Get Energized!

Coletta and her friends canoeing

"My friends and me on a trip to camp for school! Canoeing was like my favorite!" - Coletta, 11, Michigan

The school year is finally coming to a close and the weather is heating up, do you know what your plans for summer are yet? If not we have some great ideas to get you outside and to get your energy up!

There are so many fun ways to stay active during the summer.  One way to get out of the house and enjoy the sunshine is by going for a bike ride. Check out this story where Cupcake Queen, 11, California shares where she likes to bike, along with other tips on how to stay healthy.  Staying healthy is important for the summer, and all year long, so you can help your body be strong and feel good!

When friends are busy, or you just feel like hanging out with your favorite companion, walking your pet is another great way to have fun while getting exercise. Anna, 11, Hawaii, shared a video of her walking her dog, Kimo. Some neighborhoods even have dog parks, so if you’re feeling really adventurous you can ask a parent to go with to the dog park where you can do all other sorts of activities with your pet like playing Frisbee or teaching new tricks!

Don’t have a pet that you can take on walks? See if a friend or family member will let you borrow theirs’ for the day!

A cool way to express yourself and feel powerful is through dance. Dance helps to get your whole body moving and lets your creative side come out. Being outside can inspire all sorts of new dance routines and lets the world be your stage. Fiona,10, New Hampshire talks about her self- expression through dance and how it can build endurance.

Some other suggestions for staying active are

  • Bug Hunting

    "For my eighth birthday, I had a bug scavenger hunt in our local park. I wanted my friends to discover a world of exploration almost in their own backyards. It was a big hit! My friends LOVED it!" - Megan, 8, New Jersey

    Go canoeing! Canoeing focuses specifically on arm strength, and on teamwork. Coletta, 11, Michigan shared a picture of her and her team on their school trip!

  • Decorate the sidewalk; chalk is a wonderful way to put your artistic abilities to use; you can also create games such as hopscotch and relay races!
  • Plan a scavenger hunt! Check out the picture of Megan, 8, New Jersey going on a bug scavenger hunt. You don’t even have to leave your backyard!
  • Write and perform a show; you can dress in goofy costumes, you can dance, you can sing, you can pretty much do anything! A talent show or a play are two ideas that can get the spotlight on you!
  • Read! After a long day of using all that energy, take a breather and give your mind a workout instead. Who knows, maybe a book or magazine will give you more ideas for what to do the next day.

Those are just a few of many activities you could do over the summer to stay healthy, strong, and happy. Do you have some ideas of your own about how to have an energetic and eventful summer? Share them with us in the comments!

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