Feel the Power of Positive Thinking!

Did you know that the way you think can affect what you accomplish? Have you ever seen the power of positive thinking?

February is Expect Success Month, a month devoted to positive thinking and achieving your goals! When you think positively and expect success, you are more likely to get it. If you have a negative attitude and believe you will fail, it is more likely that you will.

Positive thinking, hope and determination are the main themes in Jane, 13, New York’s story “Swimming My Way to Victory,” about the power of having a great attitude! Cassandra, 12, Minnesota’s also wrote about positive thinking in her story “Pikey The Positive.”

Positive thinking is also the idea behind movements like Operation Beautiful. The power of a post-it note with a positive message could be so great for someone who needs to hear it. Check out Project Beautiful, a very similar idea from Marianna, 13, California!

Sometimes it is hard to think positively about something like saving money, finishing a project or passing a test. Here are a few tips on how to expect success and achieve it:

  • Rid yourself of negative thoughts. What you think affects how you act and negative thoughts do nothing but weigh you down!
  • Instead of thinking “I can’t,” think “I can and I will.” When you can envision yourself achieving your goal, it will be easier to stay on the right track.
  • Remember that setbacks are normal. When you hit a snag, don’t give up! Hard work and determination can overcome even the most difficult obstacle.
  • Never never never give up!
  • Expect to be successful and push hard toward your goal.

Check out Marie and Anna’s awesome poems about positive thinking and expecting success! Read others’ success stories and share your own on the Positive Thinking message board.

Remember, your attitude can play a big part in whether you are successful in achieving your goals or not. Expect success, envision success and don’t give up and you are more likely to get what you want!

Lara, 11, New Zealand says “You Are What You Think.” What do you think? Have you expected success and achieved it? How important have you found positive thinking to be in accomplishing your goals? Let us know in the comments below!


New Moon Intern

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