Remember Your Manners!

Table manners are important. Chewing with your mouth closed, asking to be excused and picking up you dishes are some good manners to remember.

Do you think you have good manners? Do good manners mean doing things like respecting your elders, listening when others speak and chewing with your mouth closed?

Lots of New Moon Girls  think that having good manners is very important, and many have been bothered by others who have bad manners. Maia, 10, Quebec has a friend who never says, “Thank you,” and it really bothers her. Check out the advice she received on helping her friend learn some manners.

Alexis, 13, Indiana has a similar problem with her friend, check out the awesome advice she received! Rosa, 10, United Kingdom thinks it would be great if there was a way to thank all the girls who give advice on Ask A Girl — how polite!

What different people call “having good manners” has changed over time. Celiedh, 13, Indiana and her friend Moira, 11, shared an interesting story on manners in the 13th Century. Did you know that some common manners during that time included, “Don’t spit across the table during a meal,” and, “Don’t pick your teeth in public?”

Manners that some people think are important today are:

  • Saying “please” and “thank you.”
  • Listening to what others are saying without interrupting.
  • Sharing your toys and other things with your friends.
  • Being a good sport if you lose a contest or game.
  • Having good table manners.
  • Helping others, like your parents or other people you care about in your life.
  • Showing respect to others.

Does it really bother you when someone has bad manners? What do you say or do?

Check out these awesome message boards on How Aggravating to share your experience, get and give advice about how to deal with bad manners. Middle School Advice suggests you be respectful toward others. THINGS. I. JUST. CAN’T. STAND. gives great advice on dealing with bad manners. In Pet Peeves learn how to deal with people who show bad manners, especially at lunch time.

Sharing with others is a good manner to remember!

We all want to be polite and respectful, and it is not difficult if you remember to act like you would like others to act. Isha, 9, British Columbia has advice on remembering your manners!

What are some manners that are important to you? Does it bother you when people don’t have good manners? Or are manners just not important to you? Share with us in the comments below!


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  • Taetae

    I guess I havegood manners, but I couldn’t care less.