Question of the Week: Room ID Numbers

Hey, girls! As you know, we’re currently taking applications for new GEB members. One of the questions on the application asks what your room ID number is. Some girls were having trouble finding their room ID #. Here are some simple steps for finding it.

1. Log in and go to Your Stuff.

Step 1: Log in and go to Your Stuff

2. Click on something you’ve created

Step 2: Click on something you've created

3. Click on your Luna Tic in your author bio.


4. You’ll see a URL in the address bar on your computer. The ID number is part of the URL!


Question of the Week: GEB applications!

Girls have been asking about how they can be on the GEB (Girls Editorial Board) ever since began! Well, now girls finally have the chance to apply, and be part of the team that makes decisions about New Moon Girls magazine and! By clicking on this link, you can get full information as well as Word and PDF applications to download. Girls ages 8 – 13 from anywhere in the world can apply as long as they have reliable Internet and email access. I hope to hear from you soon!

We're Looking for New GEB Members!!

excited-gebGuess What?

We’re looking for new members to join our Girls Editorial Board (GEB)!. There are a few things you should know before you apply.

1.        Being on the GEB is an important commitment—just like being on a sports team, or in a club. You will be expected to check your email, answer emails and participate on almost every day.

2.        Being on the GEB is fun, but it’s A LOT of work, too! You will be expected to attend small group and large group meetings via online chat and phone a few times each month.

3.        GEB members have many responsibilities: participating in chats, interacting with & helping girls on the website, brainstorming great ideas for both the website and the magazine, making videos for the website, finding interesting girl-created content on the website that could  be good for online featuring and for the magazine, editing articles and occasionally writing articles are just a few of GEB members’ regular duties!

4.        Parents of GEB members also help with New Moon in many important ways including volunteer moderation of the website, helping to be sure their daughter meets her NMG responsibilities, spreading the word in your communities both in person and online.  It’s important for one parent to be willing to participate in this role if their daughter is selected for the GEB.

If you’re interested in applying to join the GEB, download a Word or PDF version of the application. Make sure to read all instructions on the application carefully! If you skip any information on the application, your application will be rejected.

When you’ve finished filling out the application, email it to as an attachment. Please save your application with the title: YOUR NAME GEB APPLICATION (example: Mary Smith GEB application). The subject of your email should also be: YOUR NAME GEB APPLICATION.

Due to the high amount of applications we will receive, please do not email us about the status of your application. We will contact you if we’re considering you for a spot on the GEB.

We will not share any of the personal information you give us; it is for New Moon Girl Media records only. Please do not share your application with other girls on

I look forward to hearing from you!

Seven Girls at Alaska State Wrestling Tournament

I can’t think of a better way for girls to prove they are just as good as boys! This past Friday, seven girls competed in the Alaska state-wrestling tournament. Girls’ wrestling is not a new thing in Alaska, but when Melina Hutchinson placed in 2000 and Michaela Hutchinson won state in the 05-06 tournament things started to pick up, and more girls went out for the sport. Before 98-99 no girls had ever qualified for state.

Hope Steffensen who is competing in the tournament this year reminds me of you New Moon Girls. She is a freshman who wears glasses, likes reading and playing the piano. But when she gets out on the mats it is a different story. She’s one of the states most promising wrestlers, regardless of gender, and in the past few years has been one of the most feared lightweights winning three consecutive middle school championships. How awesome is that!?

So what do the boys think? One of the coaches of the teams, Neldon Gardner said it has reached a point where he rarely hears any snide comments about girls mainly because they have proven themselves on the mat.

Hope Steffensen who is also competing this year already has her eyes on a college scholarship, and plans to wrestle throughout high school and hopefully further than that. She loves the sport, and the competition and would recommend wresting to anyone, boy or girl.

I think girls can continue to make these waves in all areas of sports and beyond! Would you ever try to join a boys team, if it were a sport you were interested in? What sports do you wish you could play that aren’t necessarily thought of as a “girls” sport? Tell me in Shout Out! under the Spotlight message board. Look for the post, “Seven Girls at Alaska State Wrestling Tournament.”


31 Years Strong: Women's Professional Basketball (WNBA)

On December 9th, 1978 approximately 8,000 fans saw Chicago top Milwaukee 92-87 at the Milwaukee Arena. This marked the first professional women’s basketball league. Since then a lot has changed and evolved within women’s basketball. In 1996 the WNBA (women’s national basketball association) and the ABL (American basketball league) were formed.

Today the WBNA has 12 teams, and some games are shown on major television stations. Yet the counterpart for men, the NBA, was founded in 1946. Why did it take so long for women to have their own association?

Many WNBA teams have NBA sister teams. Meaning, they play in the same arenas as the NBA and are owed by that team. There are a few teams that have independent ownership and have allowed the WNBA to grow.

Today is a great day to celebrate the achievement of women’s athletics, and how hard they have fought in order to be recognized as valid athletes.

Are there any professional women’s sports that you hope to participate in someday? Are there any sports that you play that don’t have a professional women’s league? What can you do to change it? Tell me in Shout Out! In “I’m The Change” message board. Look for the post: Women’s Professional Sports Teams.

Love, Luna